Yippee Ki-Yay! The “Cowboy Code” Rediscovered…in an Austin Bathroom?

Saddle up partner, you’re in for a treat today…courtesy of the original singing cowboy, Mr. Gene Autry… straight from 1948.  Huh?   Well, sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest of places. In this case, that place would be in the bathroom of Wild Bubba’s, a roadside wild-meat burger joint on the outskirts of Austin, TX.  For […]

Shocked Older Woman

Cheese & Rice! Watch Your Language: Profanity & Cursing Deconstructed

So…I was strolling through the library the other day looking for something interesting to read when a book jumped out at me; “What the F” it read along its spine.  Catchy.  A quick scan of the front cover illuminated more details: What the F: What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves, by […]

Stalking Lion as a warrior

Warrior of the Cubicle Farm: A Less-Than-Optimal Adaptation

Most days I get up and go about my morning.  Dutifully I hop in my truck and head off to work.  Mindlessly.  Autopilot. But then there are other days.  Days when the force of 10,000 horses runs through my veins. Energy better suited for combat.  Or sport.  Raw physicality.  A warrior beckons. Today, though…I go […]

No Wings Were Grown

Jump and Grow Your Wings…or Take a Measured Leap?

It seems in life that everyone always recommends “jumping and growing your wings on the way down” as a method of facing your fears and enacting change…whatever the application.  There’s something very poetic about this approach that conjures up images of people balancing on the edge of cliffs, baby birds venturing forth from the nest, […]


Opening to the Lessons That Obstacles Have to Teach

Everything happens for a reason.  Everything happens randomly.  Can both views be correct?  And if both views can be correct, is there a compelling reason to unite the downstream perceptions of both in order to persist and persevere over obstacles in your life?  Regardless of your view, there can be little doubt that what is…is […]

Cognitive Bias bay be impacting your decisions

Betrayed by Your Brain…Thoughts on Cognitive Biases

Have you ever recalled a memory of something so clearly, that you would bet your life on the accuracy of that memory…only to find out that you were wrong?  Or had an argument with someone in which you both remembered the exact conversation in two different ways?  Perhaps the forces of cognitive bias are at […]

Finding Flo. Wait…I meant “Flow”

Well “kiss my grits”!  Today I thought we’d talk a little bit about the concept of “flow” and how it might be useful to pay attention to activities in your life that put you in states of flow.  BTW, in case you missed it, that was indeed a Mel’s Diner reference.  For those younger folks […]

Losing Myself at The Expense of My Happiness

I’m an introvert by nature.  When I was a boy, I was sensitive and my body didn’t develop as quickly as some of the other boys.  I was shy and awkward in social situations…the thought of dancing in front of other people mortified me.  If people were mean or yelled at me I would tear […]

Set It, And Forget It! (Habits that Is…not chicken)

For my money, any post that starts with a reference to Ronco, Ron Popeil, or Rotisserie Chicken can stop right there…enough value has already been provided to the reader.  But for a limited time only, I’ll double your value and throw in a free collection of words…that’s a $19.95 value for the bargain-basement price of […]