Jocko Podcast Review – #69 The Real Top Gun

Jocko and David BerkeAfternoon All…just a couple quick notes on a podcast that I listened to the other day entitled The Real Top Gun.  Battlefield, Work, and Life are Identical.  With Elite Marine Fighter Pilot, David Berke.  This podcast belongs to Jocko Willink, retired Navy Seal Officer and author of the book Extreme Ownership: How US Navy Seals Lead & Win.  I was first exposed to Jocko through a Tim Ferris podcast and really liked his message and way of thinking.  If you have not heard of him, I would recommend checking out his namesake podcast or the Tim Ferris interview…he’s got some pretty legit street cred and you’d be hard-pressed to walk away without some wisdom. 

On the podcast interview noted above with Marine Fighter Pilot, David Berke, Jocko gets into some pretty interesting elements of David’s life, perspectives, and overall journey…and it’s a pretty wild ride.  David Berke was 14 living in El Toro, CA just bouncing through high school, putting forth little effort.  That year, the movie Top Gun came out and something just fired within him.  I can definitely relate…I would be lying if I said that the image portrayed of military life in Top Gun didn’t have at least something to do with my enlistment in the Marine Corps after high school.  In the following couple of years he had some positive role models, namely one ex-Marines who reassured David by saying of his dream to be a fighter pilot, “Someone out there is living that life…you can do that”).  Meaning, it’s not a pipe dream of impossibility.  There are people that walk among us that are doing that very job and living that very life right now…if you want that life you just have to work for it.  So he made up his mind and started working towards it.  Of his mother when he told her of his dream, he states that her response was “Someone’s gonna be it.  It might as well be you.”  I love the unconditional support..parents too often over-rationalize and short-circuit the raw passion and true interests of their children.  

He eventually achieves his dream…and attends the real Top Gun…and is invited back to be an instructor at Top Gun!  JUST LIKE THE MOVIE!.  The odds are just amazing to me.  I don’t want to give away all the details, but there are several twists and turns to David’s story that are very compelling.  He makes some incredible counter-intuitive career decisions along the way that reinforce the importance of following your heart in all of your endeavors…even if they seem irrational and scary. 

I thought this was a great podcast with real emotion and a very articulate unpacking of one man’s life and story.  Definitely check it out…Semper Fi


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