Hello and Welcome!


My name is Robert.  What you are looking at right now is my blog, Evolution of This Man, and…you guessed it, I am “This Man” within the context of this Blog.  My purpose in creating this venue is to document my journey through life, to reinforce my learning through the act of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in this case), and to hold myself accountable to, well, myself!


Along the way, if I can share some lessons and helpful perspectives then I guess we’ll both be better off as a result.  For me, the act and discipline of writing down my impressions and reactions to books, podcasts, interviews, people, experiences, etc. solidifies and classifies the information within my brain, allowing me to more fully reap the benefits of my experiences.   And so…this blog was born.


Some biographical information might be helpful…I’m 41, married, 3 kids (13, 11, & 9…GBB, respectively).  I have a BS in Finance and an MBA (USF & UF, respectively).  I served four years in the United States Marine Corps.  I now work in sales but I have held several financial leadership positions…all within the realm of Corporate America (think cubicle farms and Office Space).  My life and experiences are my own…which is to say that they are not better or worse than anyone else’s…just that they are mine.  I grew up in the Northeast with loving parents, a sister, and all the opportunities required to thrive in this world.  Some I took advantage of and others I allowed to pass unceremoniously…sometimes consciously, but most times through the sheer force of apathy or indifference.


That said, “Make yourself at home.  What’s mine is yours” – The Bodhizafa (Yup…I’m already breaking out a Point Break quote…It’s never too early.)


– Robert