Diversity of Experience

Subconscious Judgment May Betray Surface Belief

Not too long ago I found myself sitting in a clean-but-worn, grey plastic seat on Chicago’s commuter rail train, the Metra, while traveling for work.  Full disclosure…I’m not super-comfortable with public transportation as I didn’t grow up around it and I don’t live in an area complex or populous enough to warrant mass transit solutions.  […]

Life Balance

Is Life Balance Overblown? 80’s Movies Might Just Hold the Key

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of “balance” as it relates to juggling activities and obligations in life…and it occurs to me that I might be thinking about it too simplistically.  Quite frequently, when the term balance is affirmatively referenced in today’s magazines and online media outlets, it seems to imply that, at […]

Tolerating Discomfort

Suck It Up Buttercup! A Note to My Children on Tolerating Discomfort

A note to my children on the concept of endurance and tolerance… “It is ‘ok’ to feel discomfort in life”.  I know it’s difficult to ride around in an air-conditioned SUV and sit with the feeling of being thirsty…after all, it’s been all of 30 minutes since your last Vitamin Water.   But you will survive.   […]

Man Focusing His Energy

Harness Your Focus for Hyper Results

  It seems to me that life has upped the stakes as of late.  It has me on my heels and its attempting, with all weapons at its disposal, to impose its will on me.  And…I-DON’T-LIKE-IT.  “Life” is an experience much better spent on the offensive.  Yes, there is a time and place to subvert […]

Your Life's Path

Overcoming the Forces that Conspire to Deter Your Life’s Path

“There’s a path through the world with your name on it.  It winds curiously through the distant recesses of your mind and body, rolling around the physical and mental strata of your being…caring not for the age or wisdom that you’ve achieved.  It yearns to branch out into the world…to guide your fulfillment through the […]