Phone Addiction

Wake Up & Break the Stranglehold of Technology Addiction!

Smoking.  Drugs.  Alcohol abuse.  Self-Mutilation.  Gambling.  Emotional-Eating. I think everyone would agree that these are unhealthy addictive behaviors.  We have all seen enough public service announcements and heard enough lectures from authority figures to make that connection.  But what about smartphones, social media, and video games?  Does the usage thereof represent addictive behaviors and, if […]

Peace Time Marine

Peace Time Marine: Overcoming Feelings of Resentment & Shame

In June of 1993, 18-year-old me left for Marine Corps boot camp in lovely and exotic Parris Island, SC…two-weeks after high-school graduation.   Like so many before me, I was filled to the brim with patriotism and testosterone, eager to serve my country and, if necessary, die for it.  Through either youthful exuberance or military brainwashing, […]

Energy Allocation

Energy Allocation: Shifting the Lens of Time Management

Life can get pretty chaotic.  And oftentimes we find ourselves struggling to keep our heads above water in the sea of obligations and commitments.  I have personally found myself drinking from the proverbial “fire hose” of life on many occasions.  As of late, I’ve started to pay a lot more attention to the ways that […]

Jocko Podcast Review – #69 The Real Top Gun

Afternoon All…just a couple quick notes on a podcast that I listened to the other day entitled The Real Top Gun.  Battlefield, Work, and Life are Identical.  With Elite Marine Fighter Pilot, David Berke.  This podcast belongs to Jocko Willink, retired Navy Seal Officer and author of the book Extreme Ownership: How US Navy Seals […]

Diversity of People

Diversity of Exposure… Are We All Lacking?

The Observation I was listening to a podcast the other day in which a prominent New Jersey politician, Cory Booker, was talking about his day-to-day life and the various collaborative activities and meetings required in representation of his constituents.  Now…before you jump to conclusions about the direction of this article, let me say that this […]

Baseball Fans Yelling Insults

Mob Mentality & Manners: Why We Should Expect More from Ourselves

Last week I went to a baseball game, Orioles v. Blue Jays, while traveling to Baltimore for a work-related expo.  Given my lack of familiarity with Camden Yard’s layout, I let my coworker pick out the tickets and, much to my delight, he scored us two tickets that were just six rows back from home […]

Guilt Be Gone! Why it’s Important to Take Time for Yourself

If you’re like me, your life is filled with events, activities, relationships, responsibilities, and obligations.  In addition, there are the basics of life…like bathing, sleeping, commuting, dishes, laundry eating, paying bills, investing, etc.  Luckily, all of us get 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and 365-days a year to fit it all in, right?  I […]


Parenting Paradox: Raising “Sheeple” or People?

Being a productive and considerate member of a modern, developed society requires a certain amount of conformance.  There are generally-accepted customs, behaviors, protocols, etc. that are part of the social construct that we abide by as citizens, implicitly or explicitly.  Don’t scream in quiet places.  Wear clothes when you leave the house.  Don’t pick your […]