Emotional Intelligence Man

In Support of Greater Emotional Intelligence

Much has been said about the importance of continuous self-improvement and personal growth as a means to finding happiness and fulfillment in life.  But “personal growth” can cut a pretty wide swath, including many potential interpretations and avenues (intellectual growth, emotional growth, physical growth, spiritual growth, etc.).  Focusing on any one single avenue at the […]

Yippee Ki-Yay! The “Cowboy Code” Rediscovered…in an Austin Bathroom?

Saddle up partner, you’re in for a treat today…courtesy of the original singing cowboy, Mr. Gene Autry… straight from 1948.  Huh?   Well, sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest of places. In this case, that place would be in the bathroom of Wild Bubba’s, a roadside wild-meat burger joint on the outskirts of Austin, TX.  For […]

Shocked Older Woman

Cheese & Rice! Watch Your Language: Profanity & Cursing Deconstructed

So…I was strolling through the library the other day looking for something interesting to read when a book jumped out at me; “What the F” it read along its spine.  Catchy.  A quick scan of the front cover illuminated more details: What the F: What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves, by […]

Stalking Lion as a warrior

Warrior of the Cubicle Farm: A Less-Than-Optimal Adaptation

Most days I get up and go about my morning.  Dutifully I hop in my truck and head off to work.  Mindlessly.  Autopilot. But then there are other days.  Days when the force of 10,000 horses runs through my veins. Energy better suited for combat.  Or sport.  Raw physicality.  A warrior beckons. Today, though…I go […]

No Wings Were Grown

Jump and Grow Your Wings…or Take a Measured Leap?

It seems in life that everyone always recommends “jumping and growing your wings on the way down” as a method of facing your fears and enacting change…whatever the application.  There’s something very poetic about this approach that conjures up images of people balancing on the edge of cliffs, baby birds venturing forth from the nest, […]