Change that Happens Because of You

Wait…what?  What does Lincoln Hawk from Over the Top have to do with change?  Patience my friend…it will come.  Read on.   OK…let’s come full circle and round out the whole “change” discussion with some thoughts on change that happens because of you.  This is the exciting stuff and, while it is possible that such […]

Examples of Change in My Life (time to get personal)

In my last post I talked about two different kinds of change; change that happens to you and change that happens because of you.  Again, it’s on my brain so I figured I’d think a little about each in light of my experiences in my own life.  In this post I’ll cover the former because […]


Let’s talk a little bit about change (why not…happens to be on the top of my brain right now). Without the proper tools and training, change can be incredibly “painful” to undertake and experience.   I’ve always considered myself very open minded and, perhaps those who know me might agree.  But, of course, that all depends […]

Welcome. A little background might be in order…

Finding time to work on a blog isn’t easy.  Writing isn’t easy.  Working to improve your “self” isn’t easy.  I have told myself for about a week now that I was going to get up early or stay up late to write my first entry…every day…for a week.  Excuses abound…life always seems to have other […]